The central theme of a school is imparting education to students. Therefore, students form the most important component of a school environment; and managing their day-to-day affairs efficiently is the core of any good Student Management Software.

Students form the largest stakeholder group in any educational institution and if they are managed well, it means more than three-fourths of the institutional activities are effectively controlled. Be it student profile with exhaustive information of the student, their Fee Management, their Attendance, their Examination and Report card generation, their transport, their communication, library, extra curricular activities, admissions, visitor management....everything in a school is related one way or the other to Student Management.

Nascorp has organically developed around student management, integrating one function after the other to the Student Management module and ultimately becoming a seamlessly integrated School Management Software where a central student database has tentacles in all other modules. This facilitates pulling out all the data related to a student from different module, all at once as a thread without any duplication whatsoever. So whether the fee department updates fee for a student, teacher punches marks for students, librarian issues books, everything is linked to the student information and the student record is updated.

Management and Administrators :

They can get the complete data on any child, with just a click be it his marks, fee, HW, attendance, participation in activities, behaviour or anything, the Student Management module generates it for you.

  • For managing multiple campuses, the management can flip to any campus without logging out 

  • Can monitor all communications between parents and teachers and even see unanswered queries
School Management Software Examination Modules
  • View absentee employees, fee collected, transport status alongwith prompts for reminder

  • Get any report or information without summoning the relevant personnel.

  • Carry your school anytime, anywhere and always stay connected.

    Staff and Teachers: They never had it so good. With a good School ERP software, the efficiency and time available to teachers increases tremendously.

  • Do mark entry and generate report cards using the Teacher mobile app at school or at office
School ERP Software Homework and Assignment Module
  • Give assignments, HW, projects, etc as per your time and convenience 

  • Communicate with students or their parents using Announcement, Broadcast or communication 

  • View your salary slip, salary breakpup, leave balances, ciruculars, attendance etc. 

  • Request the inventory department for particular items for demos and studies or request specific outfits for school programmes, every communication can be managed through the school mobile app. 

School Management Software Behaviour Management
  • Parents and students: Having a school mobile app is like a boon to parents especially the younger ones. Most of them cannot note down things and important communications get missed out as the young ones forget to tell the parents. Having an app makes instant communication of programmes, assignments, exam dates, PTM dates, meetings etc very easy. Parents too can enquire, request, discuss and suggest to teachers on a one-to-one forum. Making fee payment is a breeze with online fee payment, uploading your new profile picture, sending medical certificate for absence, downloading classwork if absent, submitting online HW are some of the important functions a school mobile app facilitates. 

    Results are published on school mobile apps, fee reminders are sent on it, circulars and notices are posted, examination date sheets, Tuition fee certificates are published, certificates issued and much more can be done through the school app.
School Management System Software Online Assessment
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