School Mobile App

Integrated School Mobile Apps (Android and iOS) exclusively in school’s name

Perhaps the most important and handy part of the entire ERP is mobile apps which allows the user such ease of accomplishing the tasks in a short time from anywhere, anytime. Providing exclusive apps in the school name on Android and iOS platforms which is a huge brand building exercise for the institution rather than downloading the ERP company’s app and putting school code to access your account.

Almost all the stakeholders including, parents, students, teachers and the management can be on the same page regarding any issue. Not only that most of the users can accomplish most of their work using mobile apps only without ever having to use desktops or laptops. Teachers can take attendance, give homework, communicate with students, do examination marks entry, approve/reject student requests and much more.

Parents and students can pay their fee online and download receipt, check HW, circulars, announcements, communications from school and/or teachers, Tuition fee certificate, Report cards, send request for transport route change, profile picture change, etc

School Mobile App for parents and Students

  • View their personal profile, details of parents/guardians etc.
  • View mark sheet for each term
  • Search a book online in the library and view the library issue return history
  • Download and upload homework & assignments
  • Access to notices, circulars, school calendar, etc.
  • View attendance record and apply for leave
  • View the fee dues and pay fee online
  • View Teacher’s remarks
School Mobile App for Parents and Students

Management can check daily collection summary, collection vs pending, absent teachers and students, unread communications between parent and teachers, TC issued, staff joining and resignations, examination marks entry status, transport, visitors, report cards, student profiles, staff profiles, etc.

School Mobile App for Management

  • Get real time information from various departments online for data-driven decision making
  • Get all the information of staff, students and parents
  • Overall admission stats and detailed overview (No. of Form sold, Registration, Admissions, Vacant seats etc.)
  • Daily student and staff attendance detail
  • Overall and Class wise fee collection and due details (Daily fee book, Pending fee, total mode-wise collection)
  • View all the assignments given by teachers in all the classes
  • View all the notices, circulars and announcements.
  • Login information day wise (No of students/ staff logged in)
  • All the communication between teachers and parents
School Mobile Apps for Management

Teachers can take attendance, upload HW, communicate, share documents, do marks entry, publish result, give remarks, take PTM attendance, click profile pics of students, etc

School Mobile App for Teachers

  • View personal and academic profile
  • View student details
  • Record and edit attendance of the student in the class
  • Give homework/assignments to a class/section
  • Apply for leave and track its approval
  • View school calendar, notices, circulars, etc.
  • View and respond to requests received from students and other staff members
  • Communicate with other teachers, parents and management
School Mobile App for Teachers

With a huge base of students, parents, teachers and management in close co-operation, the mobile app is now like a lifeline for all of them alike. These apps endeavour to make schools and our homes safe, secure, paperless and wireless. One more step towards a Greener Planet !

  • Standard Features and Utilities

    User Profile Add multiple users Communication
    Circulars Announcements Calendar
    Remarks Home-works Quiz
    Survey Time Table Online Fee Payment
    Communications Result Image Gallery
    Attendance Meetings Remarks
    Calendar Library Bus Tracking
    Achievement & Rewards Admission  
School Mobile Apps for Management

ERP integrated Mobile App

A truly evolved and state-of-the-art app with ever evolving features adaptable to any and every kind of institution. Self explanatory tabs and easy to navigate, the app needs little training for use.

  • One app for multiple wards in a family without having to log out and login
  • One app for Teacher and ward without having to log out and login
  • Schools can create different app for different roles using our restrict and add feature
  • Auto-Notification for almost all activities undertaken including pending fee, events, etc
  • Add/ remove modules not required to be shown to parents/ teachers
  • Auto notifications for pending fee, birthdays, important events, etc
  • Give approvals on Fee concession, inventory, leaves, transport availing and more
  • Available in your school’s name in App Store and Play Store
  • Add all kinds of attachments
  • Pay Fee, download homeworks, communicate with class-mates and teachers, View report cards, browse school library, send transport and leave applications, view attendance, view picture gallery, notices, circulars, announcements and so much more.

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