School management software enables schools to monitor daily activities like student/staff attendance, Online Admission Process, Exam & Report Card Generation, Fee Management & Online Fee Payments, timetable management, Communication Module etc. from a single centralized platform.

Time Saving, Bridges Communication Gap, Helps in Fee Management enable school to receive online payments which gives multiple payment options to parents also, Help to increase performance of Human Resource and help school to take decision based on many report generated by ERP , Reduce time consumption in multiple task which system does without any human intervention, in all School Management Software gives school a possibility to become a paperless admin organization with 100% transparency.

With Nascorp School management Software, schools becoming more tech-integrated, we endeavor to simplify processes by migrating them from people driven to technology driven without the tech-savviness required to manage the system as it is most user friendly. With little training, schools can adapt the best practices in managing an efficient campus.

Yes, We do provide Training to all our new associations as a part of their initial setup. This can be done on campus or remotely. Also customized training is available as per the institutional needs.

To a large extent Nascorp Don’t charge for customizations until it is not something which is school specific or a new module which we need to develop for the client.

Ofcourse! The Nascorp School Management Software provides full data backup facility. Institutes can recover and retrieve their data with no difficulty at all. We take three times back in a day & the backup is secured at multiple places with layers of security.

Yes, You can import Existing Data.

Yes, definitely. You can see our complete free demo by registering and filling the online form "REQUEST FOR A FREE DEMO". Free demo will be set up to make you experience the full range of features along with the automation interface we've designed specially for the various institutes. During the demo, you will learn to use all the features and commands in an easy manner.

With Nascorp, teachers will be able to maintain Fees, Attendance, exam schedules, exam mark entry, homework, and assignments all in one place. There are the main features in the software that will make teachers’ jobs very easy. This will release the pressure of maintaining the paperwork and lead them to enhanced productivity. Most of the features related to teachers can be accessed through the mobile app which almost nullify the requirement of Laptop/Desktop as far as teachers are concerned. Nascorp School Management Software only required one hour training for teacher as it is very user friendly.

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