Why Choose Us

Why Choose us

Developed on the most advanced technology platform and hosted on Google servers – for highest security parameters and enhanced speed with low internet bandwidth requirement (can run on mobile hotspot) and unlimited concurrent users with no performance lacunae.

Integrated software to automate all functional departments, seamless flow of information to and from linked modules, dynamic report creation at user end, dynamic certificate and other document designing and generation by user themselves, sub-minute downloading of reports, most adaptive User Interface with short learning cycle for users.

Integrated mobile Apps exclusively in the school name for Parents, Management and teachers on both Android and iOS.

Periodic training, both online and on-site, auto-addition of new modules and feature in each school’s portal as when released by Nascorp, approval based fee-system, white-listing and black-listing IP s for restricted access and specific module data protection, auto-MIS on a daily basis to key management personnel and much more…