School Management Software, School Management System and School ERP Software

School Management System and School Management Software are very often used inter-changeably. Both have the same meaning. School Management system is basically a software that helps the school management in monitoring and taking care of all the functionalities within the campus. These functionalities include broadly academics, finance and administration.

Academics primarily include in all School ERP Softwares:

  • Student profile module (including all the information about the student, his parents and guardians). In NASCORP this module has a lot of dynamic reports, facility to generate Student and Parent ID cards, issue many student related certificates. 

  • Student attendance module (wherein the daily attendance of students are recorded).
School Management Software Examination Modules
  • Examination module (where different tests and examination results are entered and based on that the report cards are produced for various exams). Here all kinds of calculations required as per the Education boards are managed by the software. 

  • Student Remarks module: This module helps in recording Remarks given by teachers on a daily basis regarding general conduct and has no connection to examination outcome. 

  • Homework and Assignment Module: Most School management softwares provide this module as it helps teachers to create and forward home assignments very easily and is a big part of the daily activity of teachers.
School ERP Software Homework and Assignment Module
  • Lesson Planning Module: Very few school management systems provide the LP module as there is no standardisation in the module. Every school requires its own way of managing Lesson Planning. And its too complicated a module to be casually handed over to the school without proper training. Nascorp has developed a very comprehensive module which can cater to a wide range of school and can also be modified to adjust new requirements. 

  • Behaviour Management: A very important part of School management softwares is behaviour management which is slowly gaining popularity. Since students spend most of their waking hours in the school, teaches are the best judges to a student’s mental, moral and physical development. But a good behaviour management module is yet to become prime concern for ERP companies. 

School Management Software Behaviour Management
  • Online Assessments: During the long period of Covid 19 pandemic, most school management systems developed strategies to assess students online with a high degree of proficiency. Nascorp has developed a fairly easy to use and easily understandable module to conduct online assessments with auto-check features. It can be used for multiple choice as well as subjective answers. 

  • Achievements and Rewards: The outcome of various competitions could be recorded, managed and Rewards in the form of certificates given to students online too which would remain in an electronic format with them and can be printed as and when required. 
School Management System Software Online Assessment

Finance Module

  • In all School Management Softwares, Finance module  pertains to managing the entire Fee collection both online and offline (within school or at Bank), managing concessions, waivers, discounts, etc . Nascorp School Management Software has an approval based system which can be used to selectively approve concessions or waivers by an authorised person rather than being given by the counter clerk. 

    Students can make payments online or deposit in the bank. The bank statement containing the fee collected in the bank can be directly imported into the NASCORP School Management Software. The software manages auto fee reminders before the due date and after the due date as many times as required.
School ERP Software Finance module
    Payment receipts are delivered in the student portal and the student mobile app as and when a payment is received either online or in the school fee counter. Tuition fee certificates can also be electronically delivered in the student portal based on the Tuition fee paid by the student.

    Linked to fee module is a comprehensive Financial Accounting module for those schools who desire to use Nascorp School Management System for managing their Financial transactions upto generating their Balance sheet.
School Management System Finance Module

Administrative Modules:

  • They are many and in a robust school management system like NASCORP form an integral part of the software. Beginning with student Enquiry management to Admission Management, Library Management, Hostel Management, Inventory Management, Time Table Management, Auto substitution, Transport Management, visitor management upto Health Management. The enquiry management effectively and automatically receives and sends auto generated messages and literature to the prospective student. Its powerful CRM can be used to track enquiries, set reminders, reply to unattended queries etc.
School ERP Software Admission Management
  • Admission Management is an elaborate system with four step process of Enquiry Management, Form Sale, Registration and entrance exam, followed by Admission confirmation.

  • Library management in Nascorp School Management Software is a powerful companion to Librarians as it takes away their toil in entering details of New books and journals by auto downloading all details from the web to the software based on either the title of the book or the ISBN no. Very easy to issue and return books by just scanning the id card of the student and the ISBN of the book using a hand held barcode reader.
School Management Software Library Management
  • Time Table and Substitution Management:  NASCORP School ERP can help you in displaying time table to teachers, students and co-ordinators as per the role and responsibility. A single time table is able to manifest itself as teachers time table and the same becomes students time table by grouping various teachers assigned to a class. A fool-proof substitution system generates substitute teachers in place of absent ones by synchronising with Bio-metric attendance system. The substitution is generated as per the sequence of priorities set by the school. Upon approving the substitution, the online time table of all teachers and students affected by the absent teacher  is updated.
School ERP Software Hostel Management
  • Hostel Management module: It is offered by very few School Management Software companies as the same would be used only by those schools having residential facilities. Allotting rooms, managing the issued items, taking hostel attendance, complaint handling, gate pass – all this can be easily managed with NASCORP.

  • Inventory Management: Its a wide use module which can be adapted to manage uniform stores, school dispensary, coffee shop etc. You can issue Purchase order, GRN, compare multiple vendors before placing orders, manage approval based internal requisitioning system and much more. Barcodes could be generated for each inventory item making its tracking easy to manage.
School ERP Software Inventory Management
  • Transport and Fleet Management: Most of the School ERP softwares have Transport management but few have fleet management. Essentially Transport Management involves assigning routes to students, creating stops and their charges, assigning these stops to specific bus routes, assigning vehicles to routes, collecting the transport charges, etc. Whereas Fleet Management involves maintenance records of the vehicles, dates of workshop visits, parts changed, fuel utilisation, fuel average, expiry of various documents pertaining to Drivers, conductors and the vehicle itself. The system even sends reminders for document expiry dates, renewal of insurance, pollution checks,  and much more.   
School ERP Software Transport Management System
  • Visitor Management:  As the name signifies is a module to manage visitors. Generally School ERP softwares don’t have this as part of the standard system. However, Nascorp provides this along with the standard package. Apart from capturing data of the visitor, the system can be used to provide information as to how many visitors are still within the campus and how many have left. Incase of students being collected and dropped by parents, the system provides a fool proof method of authorisation, if the parent sends his representative to collect his ward.

  • Health Management: This is quite a rare module in School Management Softwares as most of the schools don’t use this extensively and rely on a few health parameters available in examination module. Nascorp has designed an in-depth module which can be used to collect all parameters of health, manage school dispensary, medicines given, health check-up camp details etc. It can also be used to generate health report cards, as some schools do.
School ERP Software Visitor Management System
  • HR, Leave Management and Payroll: The NASCORP School Management Software also boasts of a state of the art module for managing HR, employee leaves and payroll. A complete hiring process can be designed as per the schools requirement with interview rounds and marking system. Leave management system too could be designed by the schools themselves and the same could be integrated with Bio-metric attendance machines to manage leaves. Based on the leaves and salary structure, the payroll module generates the salary at the end of the month. The salary sheet  generated could be forwarded to banks for dispensing salaries.
School ERP Software HR Leave Payroll Management System
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